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Transform Mindset into a Automation Oriented/Devops

Audience of this Blog: Those who works in Traditional Technologies and in transformation phase to Automation/Devops Area.

Today’s IT is drastically changed in terms of technologies & Practice. As you know, the word “Devops”, “Cloud”, “Automation” is now very familar and Popular in the IT area. It is our time to transform our mindset to to Automation, which means

Whenever we get a task or problems or issues, we need to ask certain valid “WH” questions(How, What, Why, When, Where) with in ourselves.

An example like

a) How we can Automate this particular task to improve time Consumption, Cost etc

b) What technologies or Devops tools or Scripting Languages we can use  to Automate.

c) Why we are going to use specific technologies to auotmate , a comparison of technologies.

d) When is the target date that we are going to complete it.

All such above questions need to arise in our mind when we get a task or problems inorder to automate or minimize the problems or any tasks.

Moreover, I beleive we should transform our mindset into a Automation/Solution oriented mindset rather Just a support oriented to reach into Devops/Automation practice level maturity.

The change is very difficult and we all resist change that is general human nature but Change is must , here are few tips that we can shape our mindset that I took it from knowledge in reading different articles, books  etc.

What is a Mindset?

Our mindset is the sum of our knowledge, including beliefs and thoughts about the world and ourself in it. It is our filter for information that we get in and put out.

To Develop the right mindset is the way learning something new and strip out the most relevant information

And I think a good mindset will reflect reality and will help us. But not in that order. I think the order has to be like this:

a) Find the beliefs that are most supportive

b) Check if the beliefs are in harmony with reality

We want to use our mindset to make a positive change. If you believe I am a successful, you will act in that way.

If you believe , I want to be a successful , you will act in this way too: like you are NO successful.

How to Change Your Mindset.

1) Get the Best Information Only

2) Role Model the Best People

3) Examine Your Current Beliefs

4) Shape Your Mindset with Vision and Goals

5) Find Your Voice

6) Protect Your Mindset

1) Get the Best Information Only

Try to find the very best information in your field. Then focus on learning this information only.

The Good: Reading great books/information products and some great blogs.

2) Role Model the Best People

Look for the best people in your field and try to model what they did right. Adopt their kind of thinking and mindset. Follow them.

3) Examine Your Current Beliefs

Examine your mindset by looking at your current belief-system.

Are these beliefs supporting you? Or are there self limiting beliefs? You have to identify those possible blocks and turn them around.

To uncover your beliefs ask yourself the right questions about where you want to go and what is standing in your way right now.

4) Shape Your Mindset with Vision and Goals

A proactive approach to build your mindset is to clearly see where you want to go and set clear goals.

5) Find Your Voice

One of the most beautiful things is when you find your very own way, something what you could call finding your voice

To help you find this voice, answer these 4 question.

1. What are you good at? That’s your mind.

2. What do you love doing? That’s your heart.

3. What need can you serve? That’s the body.

4. And finally, what is life asking of you? What gives your life meaning and purpose? What do you feel like you should be doing? In short, what is your conscience directing you to do? That is your spirit.

6) Protect Your Mindset

One thing you have to do is to protect your mindset against from the person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views and people who want to drag you down.

You also have to protect it against bad information. Keeping your confidence is a big thing.

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