What is Terraform

I ‘m in progress in learning Devops tools, technologies ,concepts eventually since last 2 years in the areas of Cloud – Amazon Web Services Configuration Management Tools Like Puppet , Ansible Continous Integration/Deployments tools Like Jenkins, Bamboo, Bitbucket, GitLab Scripting Language in Python Latest One which I have got chance a hands on in creating […]


7 Powerful Ways to Charge our Life With Positivity

Negative thoughts hurts our ability to process information and think clearly. Thinking negatively about your problems not only doesn’t help solve anything, it actually makes it harder for you to think of a helpful solution. Every conscious thought that we have is recorded by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind does not question or argue […]



Python is one of the favourite language that I am learning in these days after Shell/Bash Script. * General Purpose High level programming Language * Developed Guido Van Rossam in 1989 at Netherland * Officially announced 1991. DOB : Feb 20th 1991 Python is : – Functional Programming Language from C. – Object Oriented Programming […]


Keytool , Openssl, SSLPOKE

I was playing keystore and keytool today to add certifcate. Openssl command to export certifcate from remote url and save to pubcert.crt  : openssl s_client -connect  <domain>:443 -showcerts < /dev/null | sed -ne “/-BEGIN CERTIFICATE-/,/-END CERTIFICATE-/p” > /tmp/pubcert.crt keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias <aliasname> -file /tmp/pubcert.crt -keystore test.jks -storepass <passpword> -noprompt To test the connectvity using […]


Docker Commands

I have found docker commands which is useful Refer Link : Refer Link: Three ways of develops :


Fixed With Growth MindSet

Transform Mindset into a Automation Oriented/Devops Audience of this Blog: Those who works in Traditional Technologies and in transformation phase to Automation/Devops Area. Today’s IT is drastically changed in terms of technologies & Practice. As you know, the word “Devops”, “Cloud”, “Automation” is now very familar and Popular in the IT area. It is our […]